Wooden floor

It can be made of oak, cham, old oak beams, beech, walnut, ash or acacia. The wooden floor is with tongue and groove on all four sides. It is produced without a surface coating, whereby it needs sanding down, grouting, sanding and varnishing (oiling) after laying.

The same is available with nute, tongue and groove on all four sides, factory stained and varnished with a floor varnish or oiled in the colour of your choice. The advantage is that with this method dusting in the room is avoided and there are greater colour solution possibilities and as an additional option, the wooden floor can be structured.

It is available in three versions:

  • select: no sapwood and no knots. It is possible to notice "eyes" or up to one knob, 15mm in diameter in some of the boards;
  • au naturel: it may have knots, but the possibility of sapwood and discolouration is excluded;
  • rustic: there is up to 10% sapwood, and the knots are sanded and covered in wood mastic;

Product types:

  • wooden flooring - thickness 20mm - 22mm; width 90mm - 150mm /over 150mm non-standard sizes/; length 400mm - 2500mm;

  • fish bone - thickness 20 mm - 22 mm; width 90 mm - 150 mm /over 150 mm non-standard sizes/; length 400 mm - 1000 mm; 
  • hungarian fish bone with bevel of 45° - thickness 20 mm - 22 mm; width 90 mm -150 mm /over 150 mm non-standard sizes/; length 400 mm - 1000 mm;     

We offer different types of skirtings according to the interior and the floor covering

What our clients have said

"I am very satisfied with the services of "MEBELISS" - professional performance and commitment, complied to my requests. The order was completed before the promised deadline!"

Jomert Zankov

"MEBELLISS" is a synonym for a high quality, fair treatment and design execution!

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