About us

“MEBELLISS” is a synonym for a high quality, fair treatment and design execution!

The company has more than 20 years of experience in the furniture industry. The success of “Mebeliss” is attributed to the long-standing efforts of its founder, Bogomil Veskov Vasilev, a master craftsman. Since its establishment, the company has been manufacturing custom-designed furniture, whether for homes, restaurants, or offices. Production is carried out in a fully equipped workshop with a qualified team, and high-quality wood is used in accordance with Bulgarian State Standards. They also use environmentally friendly and non-harmful varnishes, stains, and mechanisms from reputable manufacturers in their respective professional fields.

The “MEBELLISS” brand was created in 2018 to make our products and services more accessible to you and to show you our commitment to use the most innovative and the most original technologies.

Why to choose MEBELLISS?

The mission of “MEBELISS” is to always improve in the production of luxury and high quality custom-made solid, MDF and particle board furniture. The company always provides it’s customers with a high level of workmanship, comfort and luxury. In order to achieve this effect we are in constant communication with our customers, specifying even the tiniest detail. From the very beginning we work with established technologies to reach a high level of the product, in addition, if the customer requires, we can install electronics in the furniture itself – for greater comfort and ease of everyday life.

The company is working with any type of wooden material according to the customer’s wishes and since each type has different characteristics, qualities, colours and patterns, we then recommend the best option for the customer. The wood that we are using is certified by the international standards – well dried and with high quality. The mechanisms, varnishes, primer, wood stain and other elements that are included in the manufacturing process of the furniture are also of well established brands and of by international standards. At “MEBELISS”, we mostly handle projects of designers and customers.

Working process

For the implementation of individual orders we at “MEBELISS” offer the preparation of a visual project if you do not have one.  After specifying the tiniest detail – everything remains in our professional hands!

"MEBELLISS" is a synonym for a high quality, fair treatment and design execution!

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